This Family Tree was a labour of love for my own Mother, a present to mark her 
80th birthday.

Type: Descendant Tree

  •  A1 (33" x 23.5 " or 841mm x 594mm)
  • 5 Generations
  • 80 Names
  • 39 photographs 

Gather those beautiful images and feature them on your own individual, personalised family tree - share with your loved ones for generations to come.....

Low resolution image to protect privacy

© Tony Hennessy - Great Great Great family trees

Five Generation Descendant Tree 

It is important to move beyond just names and dates when creating a family tree.  Other information such as placenames, occupations, interests, achievements etc put colour in the cheeks of your ancestors and make for a form more interesting document.


Detail from above tree.

O Flaherty Family Tree

Type: Ancestor ++

Size: A1 (33" x 23.5 " or 

841mm x 594mm)

  • 8 generations
  • 108 names
  • 12 photographs
  • parchment background

This unique Family Tree is a bit of a descendant/hourglass/ancestor hybrid.  The colour coding for each gerneration brings visual clarity to a complex tree.  A favourite family photograph is included in the chart.

Low resolution image names have been changed  to protect privacy -

© Tony Hennessy - Great Great Great family trees

Hourglass + siblings hybrid Family Tree

Ancestor + Sibling tree - 5 generations - old photographic background

This large and complex family tree has 166 names and includes 8 generations.  The generations are colour coded to provide visual clarity.

Fold out Tree (A3 size) for inclusion in Genealogical report

This hourglass tree was created for insertion into a genealogical report.  I have highlighted the fold lines to illustrate.

Ideal for professional genealogical reports, a pull-out tree can add visual clarity at a glance.

Multi fold out Descendant Tree suitable for A4 Genealogical report.

This is a multi fold-out Descendant Tree made for insertion into a professional genealogical report.  Again clarity at a glance.  This one extends out to almost 3 feet.

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