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Testimonial from John Grenham, M.A., M.A.G.I., F.I.G.R.S. and author of "Tracing your Irish Ancestors"

"Tony is a joy to work with, conscientious, smart and good fun to boot. His trees are superb, with great overall layouts and 
eye-catching, fine-scale detail, exactly what you want in a family tree."

Tony Hennessy is a member of Accredited Genealogists Ireland 

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A very special commission - 
Boston's Mayor, Marty J.Walsh.

Boston's "Man of the People" checks out his own Irish roots before his homecoming to Connemara.  

Mayor of Boston Marty Walsh being presented with his Great Great Great Family Tree at the Boston ifest by Rachel Kelly.     

September 2014      The Boston Globe


  1. 1. Have you been researching your family history for years and years?

  2. 2. Are the results of your life’s work to be found in shoe boxes on a shelf, under the bed and in a wide assortment of files?

  3. 3. Are you the only person in the World who can make any sense of it all?

If the answer to all three questions is a resounding YES it is time for you to commission a family tree from GREAT GREAT GREAT FAMILY TREES.

When you do this 3 good things will happen to you:

  1. 1. You will immediately feel a wonderful sense of relief as your work has been             saved forever in an easily accessible form.

  2. 2. You can hang your new chart on the wall which will bring you contentment and joy.

  3. 3. You can share your family tree with your extended family who will be delighted and who will remember you with great fondness and appreciation for generations to come..

Some examples of Great Great Great Family Trees -

Mayor J. (Marty) Walsh - Mayor of Boston

Family Tree of 

Martin J. (Marty) Walsh.

Mayor of Boston 

A personalised Family tree for the "Man of the People" - a story that stretches from the boreens of Connemara to City Hall, Boston, USA. 

Type: Ancestor + Siblings Tree

  •  A1 (33" x 23.5 " or 841mm x 594mm)
  • 6 Generations
  • 94 Names
  • 11 photographs

Low resolution image to protect privacy

© Tony Hennessy - Great Great Great family trees

A labour of love for a special occasion 

This Family Tree was a labour of love for my own Mother, a present to mark her 
80th birthday.  

Type: Descendant Tree

  •  A1 (33" x 23.5 " or 841mm x 594mm)
  • 5 Generations
  • 80 Names
  • 39 photographs 

Gather those beautiful images and feature them on your own individual, personalised family tree - share with your loved ones for generations to come.....

Low resolution image to protect privacy

© Tony Hennessy - Great Great Great family trees

Mayor Richard M. Daley, Mayor of Chicago

Family Tree of Richard M. Daley

Mayor of Chicago 1989 -2011

Richard M. Daley was Mayor of Chicago for a record breaking 22 years.  His father Richard J. Daley was Mayor for 21 years.  All of the Daley ancestry is 100% Irish.  The paternal line (Daley) originated in West Co. Waterford while the maternal line (Dunne) hailed from Waterford City.

Type: Hourglass Tree

  •  A2 (23.5  x 16.5 " or 594mm x 420mm)
  • 7 Generations
  • 60 Names
  • 4 Coats of arms 

Low resolution image to protect privacy

© Tony Hennessy - Great Great Great family trees

The Descendant Tree of 

Michael Dunne & Catherine Grant of 

Waterford City.

Their son Richard sailed for America in 1865.

Richard's grandson Richard J. Daley and his  great grandson Richard M. Daley became Mayor's of Chicago.

Richard Dunne's brother James remained in Waterford and had 13 children one of whom, Tommy Dunne became Mayor of Waterford.

Type: Descendant Tree

  •  A2 (23.5"  x 16.5 " or 594mm x 420mm)
  • 6 Generations
  • 86 Names
  • 2 images - seal of office Mayor of Chicago & Coat of Arms of Waterford City from the Mayoral chain.
Low resolution image to protect privacy

© Tony Hennessy - Great Great Great family trees

A family photograph with ancestors - a simple and beautiful gift

Hennessy Family Tree

This simple but impressive Family Tree which centres around a nice family photograph shows the primary couple, their respective parents and their children.

Hourglass Tree

Size:  A3 (420mm x 297mm or 16.5" x 12")

3 generations

15 names

14 photographs

parchment background

Low resolution image to protect privacy

© Tony Hennessy - Great Great Great family trees

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